Gold Sales Agent
for Independent Miners and Co-Ops

This offer is made directly to Co-ops, Managers and Miners
who are actively producing partially refined gold in Africa.

If you are not getting a good price for your gold on the local market, and want to get a better price, and also to have help with investment of the profits all over the world. . .


First, enter into contact via Email.

We will discuss the amount of gold (AU) to be sent for the first transaction. You may choose to limit this to a small quantity, such as a few Kg, or if you feel confident of the method of shipment, you may send up to 50Kg. Larger shipments can be discussed as the relationship develops. The material should be pre-concentrated to at least 20 carat purity.

It is important that the AU shipped be properly authorized for export and the ownership documents be in order. In today's political climate, any movement of great value comes under close inspection by many authorities, and if documentation is not present or not correct, there can be great delays or even confiscation (loss) of the material. NEVER try to move the material secretly. It will only cause problems later for everyone.

When the profit of the sale is sent back to you bank-to-bank, the source of the money must be explained. If the AU arrived without being declared, then there will be no good explanation for the money that goes back to you, and problems will follow.

Second, we will negotiate for a percentage commission. There will be costs to pay, such as export fees, courier costs, refinery costs (to bring the gold to 99.99% purity). In most cases, the refinery will buy the gold directly after refining it. They will offer a price that is close to the world market price (spot price) on the day refining is finished (out turn day). There can be variations, but in general things go that way.

Third, you have your material officially assayed and packed, then ship the gold, and we pick it up from Customs in New York (broker costs are not very large). If it is received on a weekday, it goes directly to a refinery which has been notified in advance. If it is received on a weekend, we prefer to leave it with the customs warehouse until the next business day.

Fourth, the material is assayed by the refinery and the assay is compared to the one you had done before shipment. Refining is then done, usually without delay. Usually, it takes a few days to complete the assay and refining process. Some refineries will give an advance partial payment, based on the weight and assay. Note: if the assay is different from the one you had done before shipment, the assay of the refinery is always the one used to compute payment. If the difference is large, you will be contacted before we proceed. (This should not happen, if you use a reliable laboratory.)

Fifth, our agent's commission is subtracted and your net profit is returned to you, usually by bank wire.

We invite all fully authorized owners, miners and co-op managers to open a discussion with us by sending email. Just click on this email link.