Lenders Wanted for Unusual Venture

Lender(s) / Investor(s) Wanted for Unusual Venture

We have developed relationships with the legal owners of gold and gold producing land in traditional tribal areas of Ghana where gold is abundant and has been mined and processed by the local people for centuries. These relationships give us access to the gold production of those areas at considerable discounts from the world market price.

As a result of this 'privileged' price, we will have a guaranteed, built-in profit margin for resale on the easily accessible world market. That is, we WILL make money! Although we deal with small producers and buyers, the volume still will allow a million dollars per month to be traded.

Having put the first and most important steps in place, it remains for us to maintain trust, step-by-step until the gates are opened to us for fully free movement of material. We have the option of refining and selling in a variety of world market cities, New York being the easiest for us.

We will NOT depend upon our partners' small-scale mining to begin this venture if it is funded at low levels by debt financing, but will engage for a time in the process of purchase (at local prices, 25-40% below spot) and resale (near world spot prices). There is no risk in such a venture except that of malfeasance. Since we are close to our partners in Ghana, we minimize that risk.

At this moment, the price of gold is about $370/ounce of pure gold. We will be dealing in approximately 22 carat gold, which has a value of 10,900/Kg. In the beginning, depending on financing, we will be dealing perhaps $10-25,000 of metal per shipment, but should quickly advance to TEN to FIFTY times that amount. Our profitability will depend upon the negotiation we can make with each producer, but should fall in the range of 12% to 25% when purchasing, and over 80% when producing.

For debt financing we will be able to return 500% to 1000% in 10 to 24 months. The original investment should be returned in less than six months. We seek $15,000 to $250,000 to start. For equity financing ($100,000 or above), we will discuss terms.

Use of funds (at the low end of investment) includes:

- Travel expenses ($2-3,000/trip - includes goodwill development expenses. Up to two trips and up to two months may be required before the first shipment, although it may be much faster.) After initiation, trips will be replaced by much cheaper DHL or FedEx shipments, saving about 80%.
- Cost of the first gold purchase for shipment ($8-10,000)
- Assay and Export Fees (about $200/Kg)
- DHL shipping and US customs clearing costs - under $350 per shipment.
- Assay and Refinery fees at the point of refining and sale (about 3.5% of value)
- Legal fees for establishing escrow, used to guarantee payment to gold mine owners between the time of shipment and time when the refined product is sold. (We may avoid this cost, if the relationship is close. Currently, that is the case.)
At higher investment levels, the amount of gold purchased will begin at larger amounts, and capital will be phased in appropriately.

We will explain risk factors to qualified parties.

We seek to raise a maximum of $250,000. Minimum loan is $5,000. Maximum loan is $250,000. The return will be structured in a non-traditional way, and will be limited at ten times (1000%) the loan principal and will be paid by apportioning 5% of the value of each shipment towards these payments in proportion to the fraction each investor has contributed. (Note that the size of the shipments will grow successively to a large value in short order.) No equity is purchased by the investment if under $100,000. Investor is invited to accompany the purchase and transportation of the first shipments at his/her own expense for travel.

This announcement is not an offer to sell securities and has not been submitted to nor examined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. No more than four lenders or one equity investor will be accepted. SEC accredited preferred.

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    to accept you, but we will determine that as time goes on).
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