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Horizon Cleaning Services is a unique cooperative of motivated, hardworking independent contractors in the cleaning field. We can provide housekeeping, laundry care, first-time cleaning, office cleaning and window washing. All work by appointment, with requests processed via our Internet Websites: horizonclean.biz and horizontm.com/wgloves. Live Chat on Yahoo Chat, ID cleaning_aaa_svc

When you need high quality work and maximum care and consideration for your possessions, call on us for service! Our people understand that your home is the face that you show to your friends and associates. It will be treated with the greatest possible care.

We now serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken, Jersey City and Bronx but we can extend beyond our core area with notice. On occaision, we can also supply a permanent or live-in worker as well.

Usually, the client will have cleaning materials and implements on hand, but some of our crews can bring them (slight cost increase). See the [ sample list] of materials. You are free give us a list of duties to be performed. This can be a good clarification if you have specific requirements.

We specialize in a clientele that demands superior results. If you find our rates a bit higher than some others, we understand. We feel that our results are well worth the rate we charge. Our past clients have agreed.

We will be happy to arrange further work, and may be able to discount for frequent, regular visits. When asking for service, you agree not to solicit our sub-contractors for future work except through us, and that to do so may incur a liability to us of up to $1,000 per solicitation.

Also remember that our people are individuals with lives, feelings and problems of their own. Please treat them with the consideration you would ask for yourself if roles were reversed. Devotion to a kind client is always the best incentive.

PRICE GUIDE Up to 420 sq ft 421-750 sq ft 751-1600 sq ft 1601-2000 sq ft 2000-2400 sq ft
Exit, Entry, 1-Time
or Infrequent Cleaning
(4-Hour Minimum)
Weekly Cleaning
no laundry
Weekly, with laundrySame as above PLUS approx. $15 for first tenant plus $10 for each additional person
Every 2 weeks
no laundry
$70-90 $80-110$90-140 $110-170$130-200
Every 2 weeks
with laundry
Same as above PLUS approx. $20 for first tenant plus $10 for each additional person
IroningAdd to flat or time charges:
$1.50/shirt, trouser, skirt, sheet; $4/pleated item.
Prices are subject to review and revision onsite.
Our rates are very reasonable. We can supply one to four persons. The space must be seen and the details of the required work must be discussed. The underlying hourly rate will be in the range of $17/hour to $22/hour per worker. Our workers are as fast as any you will find.

Cleaning can be done starting from 7am or after 7pm and on weekends.

Special arrangements can be made for carpet steaming and commercial kitchen degreasing.

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