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The Quality cleaning service your busy life deserves.
My services are currently available in Manhattan and Hoboken.
Other locations can be discussed.

Welcome to My home page. My name is Maria. I am an experienced housekeeper. When you hire me, you can rest easy because I have years of experience in fine homes. My service is "Satisfaction Guaranteed." Yes, my service is really worth the modest price. When I clean, I work efficiently -- but if anything needs extra effort, I do it automatically .

I have been working for a good while in this busines. My clients have usually been quite 'well off', so I do know how to treat your possessions. I have also helped in the kitchen and serving at fancy or diplomatic parties, and know how to bring praise to your household in any such event, as well.

I am good with animals and children. However, when my duties involve housekeeping, they are best done when a minimum of people are underfoot. (Sometimes, you have to make a bit of a mess in the process of cleaning or organizing.)

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