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( Residential Cleaning Service)

My name is Mika [Mee'-ka]. I am an experienced housekeeper. My services are currently available in Manhattan and Hoboken

Available Every First and Third Thursday of the month
--- and other times whenever cancellations occur (call 24hrs ahead).

Please contact me at (201) 377-0371 or by e-mail:

    Bathroom - Using a germicidal detergent, I wipe sink and taps, clean toilet, bathtub and tiles. I clean mirrors and vanity, and wash floors.

    Kitchen - Wash dishes and put them away, clean counters, stove top, wipe furniture down, wash floors.

    Bedrooms - make beds, dust floors and furniture, organize closets and drawers.

    Living & Dinning Rooms - Dust all furniture, vacuum carpets and couches and chairs.

    Special Services - (Additional Services)

    • Laundry (wash, dry, fold, organize)
    • Clean inside refrigerator ($10 - $30 Extra / depends on condition)
    • Ovens - grills ($20 - $40 Extra / depends on condition)







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