Cost of Our Bagels

We sell TWENTY bagels per shipment box.

You can order assorted bagels in MULTIPLES OF FOUR for each type. You can have up to five kinds of bagel in your order.

We pack four or six to a bag in the shipping box. (Remember to cut them before freezing, if you will freeze some.) Each dozen of our bagels weighs about four pounds (these are very big bagels).

Twenty bagels cost $40.00 which includes shipping and handling to any continental USA destination via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

If you prefer overnight delivery, determine the cost with FedEx or UPS, then add $21.00 for the bagels and packing materials. We require at least 48 hours notice for overnight delivery. If you do not get a confirmation within 12 hours, or if you do not tell us what day you want to receive the order, we can not provide this service. Lack of confirmation may mean we are away and temporarily out of operation. The best way to request overnight delivery is to email us so we can call you and work out the details because, for now, we are only set up to use priority mail for most orders.

Shipping cost and delivery time depend on the delivery method you select.

We also offer Imported Brazilian Guava Paste (Goiabada) with instructions on how to make spreadable Goiaba Jam in just five minutes. This is the most fantastic stuff anyone ever spread on a buttered bagel! You don't know what you've been missing until you've tried this. $6.00 yields 24-32 ounces of Goiaba Jam (depending on the consistancy you want). You can keep it in any kind of container with or without refrigeration. Goiaba jam also makes a fabulous cake filling in multi-layer cakes.

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